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Bleeding Heart-Various Couples

Title: Bleeding Heart
Series: Naruto
Rating: PG-13-R

I hope this works. I'm so sorry. I didn't realize I needed to cut this, I'm still new to livejournal.
Pairings: M/M, M/F/M
‘Thoughts’, “Talking”, Telethapy
Disclaimer: I own nothing expect for Alex, Dani, Syd, and Eden.

Chapter One

He gasped as the blood ran down his arm. He hissed as the pain rushed through him. This was the only thing that took the pain away and he was glad his other allowed him this pleasure. He watched the cut seal up before standing and cleaning the blood. His other was always careful to never let the marks show. It would ruin his image if he were caught doing this. He cleaned the kunai he used and dipped it in peroxide. Be careful with how deep you cut Kit, his other whispered in his mind. He rubbed some of the old marks because of the itchy scars. His other never let them scar, but if he begged hard enough he’d let them stay for awhile. He knew his other did this in hopes that the reminded pain would make him stop. If you don’t stop itching I’ll heal them. He nodded to himself and decided to change for a nap. As he moved the room began to swim. He reached out unsteadily as he felt his body fall. Stupid Kit lost too much blood this time. He took control of the boy’s body. He quickly changed into the trademark orange jumpsuit and headed for the meeting point. The boy had forgotten his training was today and he knew that the kit wouldn’t want to miss it.
He slowed, changed his chakra, and made his eyes blue as he reached the bridge. He was slightly stunned to see all three members of the team. The silver haired jounin was never on time which meant he was late. It wasn’t that he cared seeing as the man never taught his Kit. The jounin was too busy training the spoiled red eyed brat and occasionally the pink haired twit. He stared at the three who had hurt his Kit the most. He took a deep breath to control his anger at these humans.
“Naruto you idiot! You’re late!” Sakura screamed annoyed at having to wait. She didn’t seem notice the aura of danger, but Kakashi and Sasuke did. Sasuke tried his best to remain emotionless while Kakashi stared speechless. ‘When did Naruto gain this power? Could it be Kyuubi? But why?’
“Practice is canceled. There are no missions so go home,” he said in a rush. He needed to see Iruka about this. He and Sasuke stood silently and watched as Naruto gave a derisive snot and turned away. Sakura, who didn’t like to be ignored, ran after him. Just as she caught up with him he turned and gave an icy glare that didn’t fit his personality.
“Stay away from me you twit,” he hissed before disappearing.

Kyuubi sat in a tree calming his temper. ‘How dare these humans treat my Kit in such a distasteful way. He never did anything wrong. It was my fault. I shouldn’t have attacked the village for such petty reasons. He lost his family because of me. Kyuubi hated the newborn infant when he had been sealed, but that hate had grown to love. Over the years he had witnessed the pain he had caused Naruto and how strong the boy was for putting up with it all. ‘Just like his father,’ he thought with a wistful sigh. So lost in his thought he didn’t notice he wasn’t alone until there were lips against his. He moaned and leaned forward to get more of the spicy taste. He broke the kissed and looked up to the grinning Kiba with the ever present Akamaru in his jacket. He grinned leaning back into a warm embrace. He looked behind him to see the lazy Shikamaru holding him.
“Any reason for this?” he laughed. It was only with Kiba and Shikamaru and a very few others that Kyuubi trusted to treat his Kit right. The three had become best friend over the years which would most likely piss of the red brat.
“You looked lonely up here,” Kiba answered. He leaned forward and kissed the kitsune again. He liked to do this with the blond and the lazy bum. He knew for a fact that if he wasn’t already in love he would’ve fallen for the boys in front of him. He leaned back to see Shikamaru running his hands up and down the blond’s arms.
“What happened Naruto?” Shikamaru whispered. “Did Sasuke say something?”
“No, but I’ve had it,” he replied. “The Kit cut himself earlier and passed out from blood loss.” Neither Kiba nor Shikamaru were surprised at the self mutilation, but passing out was new. They had been stunned when they first discovered the blond boy hurting himself, but Kyuubi always kept him safe. “He’s losing hope and I honestly don’t know what to do.”
“What are we going to do?” Kiba whispered helplessly. He considered the blond and kitsune close friends that he didn’t want to lose.
“He’s given up on love completely though I’m not too surprised,” the demon whispered. “It’s been awhile since he passed out.” He nuzzled Shikamaru’s neck once before he felt his Kit awakening. “It was good to see you both.” Kiba gave Shikamaru a worried glance when the boy’s body went limp. Although he had been around Naruto and Kyuubi numerous times he had never seen them switch places. Shikamaru gave the dog boy a reassuring rub on his neck. Naruto moaned as his eyes fluttered open. He glanced at the two boys and took a second to remember what happened. Kiba grinned at him and patted the sealed stomach when it growled. The blond blushed, but grinned back.
“How about we get some food,” he said looking at his two handsome friends.
“As long as I don’t have to pay for your troublesome behind,” Shikamaru laughed.
“Why?” Naruto pouted. “You pay for Chouji, but not me you cheapskate.” Kiba chuckled at the blush on the lazy boy’s cheeks. He grabbed the blond by the waist and jumped out of the tree with Shikamaru behind them.
“Where should we eat?” he asked starting to feel hungry.
“Ichiraku!” Naruto shouted gleefully.
“No!” Neither boy wanted to watch the small boy eat ramen. Kiba sighed at the cute pout on the kitsune’s face. They started walking back to the village. Kiba and Shikamaru where next to Naruto and each had a hand on the boy’s thin waist The waist was too thin for a boy of 16. They ignored the people who glared at them and focused only on each other.
“It’s not healthy to eat only ramen Naruto,” Shikamaru sighed. “You’re too thin so you need to eat good food.” Kiba nodded his agreement.
“But ramen is usually all I can afford,” he mumbled.
“Well don’t worry about money tonight,” Kiba ordered. “We’re taking you out to the new sushi place.” The trio was brought to a stop when Naruto froze with wide eyes. “Hey what’s wrong?” The blond shook his head mutely. Shikamaru placed a hand on his shoulder.
“Naruto, are you ok?”
“I can’t eat there.” he whispered starring at the ground.
“What? Why not?” Kiba asked. Usually Naruto would eat anywhere. “I heard the food is great.”
“No I can’t go there.” Shikamaru looked at the kitsune and noticed the tenseness of his shoulders. He wrapped his arms around the small boy.
“What do you mean?” he asked gently.
“I’m not allowed to eat there,” he whispered brokenly. He tightly clutched the back of the lazy boy’s shirt.
“What?!” Kiba cried in outrage. “Who says you’re not allowed?
“The owners,” he mumbled against Shikamaru’s chest. “I went there the first day it opened and the owner said I didn’t have a right to be there, I argued back, but then he started throwing stuff at me and said he didn’t want a monster in his place. He told me that if I came back he’d kill me.” He chocked back a sob while trying to stop the tears. Kiba was appalled at the man’s actions against the smaller boy. Naruto had never done anything wrong, but the people hated him because of the demon. Shikamaru, on th other hand, was shaking with repressed anger. He pulled back quickly and grabbed the two boys’s wrists.
“Shika where are we going?” Kiba asked frightened. He had never seen the boy like this and it worried him.
“To the sushi place,” he spat out. He ignored the pleas of the blond and continued dragging bot boys.

Kakashi sighed in irritation as he watched Sasuke babble like an idiot to Sasuke. At the moment he wanted to be anywhere but here. After dismissing the training he had hoped to be able to talk to Iruka about Naruto and maybe a few other things. However, fate was against him as the pink haired girl demanded he take the both of them out for food since he was late. It had only gotten worse on the way when Sakura had invited Iruka to join them after running into him. He had wanted to talk to the chuunin alone without the children. He couldn’t talk about Naruto with the others present. So he subtly pulled Iruka back and asked to meet him later that night. The teacher politely agreed with a blush on his face that caused the jounin to tighten his control over his body. So here they sat with his students chatting with their former teacher. Meanwhile he sat uncomfortable ad the fates decided to have Iruka sit next to him. He found himself idly wondering if Naruto would enjoy the restaurant food. He was brought out of his musings as the table fell quiet after the door opened. In the doorway stood a rather agitated Shikamaru with a nervous Kiba, and panicky Naruto. His chakra felt normal once again. Sakura huffed as she saw the blond.
“I guess he’s doing better,” she muttered darkly which gave Kakashi an urge to slap the back of her head. He glanced at Iruka to see a beautiful smile bloom on his face. He stood up to go to Naruto when there was a loud bang and a following curse. The owner came stalking from the back and glared at the three boys. The place grew quiet and Kakashi noticed that both teammates looked on with worry, thought Sasuke tried to hide it. He placed a hand in front of them to prevent them from moving. They all noticed the way the blond shrunk back when the owner stepped forward.
“What are you doing here monster?” he spat out. Shikamaru narrowed his eyes and pulled the blond and Kiba next to him.
“We’d like a table for three please,” he grit out. The man balked at the comment and his face reddened with fury.
“I’m not serving this monster,” he said harshly.
“What’s going on?” Sakura asked worried, her previous anger forgotten.
“I don’t believe this,” Iruka bit out angrily. Kakashi had never seen the chestnut haired man this anger before. He noted that the cloaked figure was focused on te owner and three boys. He had been suspicious of the person when they arrived, but hadn’t sensed anything.
“Lets just eat somewhere else,” Naruto whispered.
“No,” Kiba said sternly. His anger returned full force as he witnessed the scene before him. “We’re eating here. There’s no reason for us not to.”
“Yeah, there is a reason. I don’t want that disgusting creature in my restaurant,” he snarled. Kakashi heard Sakura gasp at the hateful words. He brought his attention back to the owner as he saw him bring out a kunai and throw it at Naruto. In a flurry of black the cloaked figure moved and caught the kunai before it could hit the boy. The Sharingan user had never seen someone move so fast. The figure flicked its wrist and sent the weapon into the owner’s arm. During this time Naruto had fled the restaurant. Kiba and Shikamaru started to head after him when the mysterious person stopped them. They conversed for a few moments before the boys left with the cloaked being following. Iruka rushed out after Naruto.
Naruto breathed out a sigh as the blood once again ran down his arm. He could hear Kyuubi screaming in his head. He was using most of his chakra to prevent the kitsune from healing him. ‘Goodbye Iruka, Kiba, Shikamaru. I guess I am weak after all.’ He could barely hear a loud pounding in the background. He slowly felt his body becoming numb. He felt himself falling and his door being broken in.
Iruka choked back a sob when he found his “son” on the floor with a pool of blood coming from his wrists. ‘How could I not see this?’ He rushed forward grabbing a cloth to wrap the wrists in. He carefully picked Naruto and headed to the Hokage. He was stunned to see Kakashi in front of the house. The jounin’s visible eye widened as he took in the blood-soaked cloth.
“Give him to me, he ordered. Iruka compiled and gently placed the boy in his arms. ‘Why isn’t Kyuubi healing him.’
“Hurry and take care of him,” he pleaded. Kakashi nodded and disappeared.
Tsunade walked out with a tear streaked face. She looked at the crowd that had gathered. Somehow they had figured out what happened. She wasn’t surprised to see either of the boy’s teachers, kiba, and Shikamaru. She was surprised to see Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Neji, Lee, Shino, Chouji, and even Sasuke, who barely hid his worry.
“Please, will he be alright?” Iruka asked politely.
“We had to give him a transfusion and the marks might scar, but he’ll be ok physically. I’m not too sure about emotionally or mentally,” she answered honestly. It broke her heart to see her surrogate son this way and she knew Jiraiya would feel the same.
“Why would Naruto do this?” Sakura asked with tears in her eyes. She ways leaning against Ino, who was trying her best to comfort her. “Why would he want to hurt us?” There was a loud curse as Kiba punched the wall before turning on the pink haired girl with fury in his eyes.
“You, you, you!” he snarled. “It’s always about you isn’t it?” Kiba’s outburst shocked everyone into silence. Sakura shook he hear not understanding. “Don’t you ever stop to think about Naruto’s feelings?”
“Of course! I care about Naruto too you know!” she screamed at him.
“Bullshit,” Shikamaru said quietly. “If that’s tru then why is he so worthless and whiny and weak?” The girl paled as her words were thrown back at her. “The fact is that none of you know him or even too the time to get to know him.” Shikamaru’s words hung over their heads as guilt and shame began to fill them. “The cold hard truth is simply that you don’t know the real Naruto Uzumaki.”
“Yeah and how would you know?” she bit back weakly knowing that his words rang true.
“Because he trusts us with the truth. He’s shown us the real person that, most likely, none of you will know.”
“That’s not true!” Sasuke jumped up and denied vehemently.
“How would you know?” Kiba growled. “You hurt him the most!” Sasuke felt himself go numb as the dog boy’s words hit him. ‘I hurt him the most?’
“Enough,” Tsunade said sternly. She could see hor the boys’ words were affecting the others. Silence filled the room at the command. Her eyes grew large and she took an unconscious step back when an ominous presence filled the room. ‘I should’ve known this would happen.’ The door burst open with a loud bang and the cloaked figure form before stepped in. Kiba and Shikamaru rushed forward to stand in front of the person. The hood was thrown back and a girl about 16 was revealed. Her black hair was up in a messy bun and her dark eyes glared piercingly at Tsunade.
“I trusted him with you Tsunade!” she hissed out. “This is how you take care of him? By letting him slit his wrists!”
“Alex, I’m sorry,” the Hokage began.
“Sorry?! Sorry doesn’t cut it!” she screamed. The room was silent as the occupants watched the scene. The Hokage of their village apologizing to a young girl being held by two boys. Kiba soothed back some free strands from Alex’s face.
“You need to calm down,” Shikamaru said gently. The others looked afraid as the girl’s eyes flashed back and forth from red to the natural brown. It was obvious that their Hokage was afraid which meant they should be too.
“Naruto isn’t staying here anymore,” she bit out. “If I have to drag him kicking him and screaming from the village then I’ll do so.” Kakashi stood up and faced the enraged girl.
“He needs to continue to train,” he said evenly.
“Says who?” she retorted.
“I do. As his teacher-” he was cut off by a loud scoff.
“His teacher?” came Jiraiya’s voice from the doorway. “To be a teacher means to teach a pupil where he/she learns how to be a ninja.” Kakashi nodded to the definition the sennin gave. “Then his teacher would not be you, but Alex and myself.”
“What?” Kakashi felt anger fill him at the words spoken by his favorite author.
“You’ve never taught Naruto anything. All you cared about was training the Uchiha brat and very rarely pinkie, but never the kid,” Jiraiya said harshly. The jounin kept quiet when he heard the word because he knew they were true. He had concentrated on training on Sasuke because of the Sharingan. “You don’t deserve to be called his teacher.” He knew that the sennin was right and it hurt
“Stop it Jiraiya,” Tsunade ordered gently. She had wanted Kakashi to figure out his fault on his own instead of this way. The silence was broken when the door behind Tsunade creaked open. Sakura gasped at the haggard, lifeless, Naruto that stood silently in the doorway. He gave a small smile when he saw the cloaked girl. The kitsune staggered over to her before collapsing in her arms. Sakura felt jealousy flood her as she watched. It should be her arms the boy was in not some cloaked weirdo.
“Is it ok for him to go home?” Alex asked petting the blond hair. Tsunade didn’t really want him to go, but she trusted the young girl.
“Yes, but if you notice anything wrong come back immediately,” Tsunade ordered sternly. Alex nodded before disappearing in a cloud of smoke. The Hokage looked at the others judging their reactions. Some looked unsure about what happened.
“Are the other three here?” She asked a bit nervously.
“Yep,” Jiraiya answered with a smile. “They’re staying here for a bit.”
“All right,” she nodded. “All of you go home it’s late.”
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