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Bleeding Heart Chapter Two

Title: Bleeding Heart
Series: Naruto
Rating: PG-13-R
Pairings: M/M, M/F/M
‘Thoughts’, “Talking”, Telethapy
Disclaimer: I own nothing expect for Alex, Dani, Syd, and Eden.

Chapter Two

Iruka rushed out with Kakashi hot on his heels. They jumped from rooftop to rooftop until they reached Naruto’s apartment. The chuunin stumbled as flashes of Naruto laying in blood came back at him. He fell into the jounin’s chest behind him. Kakashi felt his hands on the chestnut haired man’s shoulders. He reached forwards and gently rapped on the door. It swung open after a few seconds to reveal a light brown haired girl with green eyes. They looked at each other thinking the same thing, ‘That’s not her.’
“Can I help you?” she asked politely. There was a loud noise from inside the house and the firls face twisted into a scowl.
“Hey mutt! Knock it off in there!” A girl with silver hair popped up behind her.
“I’m not a mutt you lazy ass!” she yelled, her blue eyes flashing. They started fighting loudly with each other forgetting about the two men at the door. They both cried in paon and clutched the back of their heads. Behind them stood tanned girl with dark brown girl and a cross shaped scar on her right cheek.
“Sydney!” the silver haired girl cried.
“This is too bothersome,” the brunette said before walking inside. Sydney looked at the two guys quizzically.
“Can I help you?” she questioned.
“Oh! I’m sorry I didn’t notice there were people at the door,” the other girl said. She peered at them closely before squealing. “Oh oh! I know you! You’re Iruka and Kakashi.” She pulled them inside and sat them on the couch . “Syd go get Alex..” The dark haired girl looked at her blandly. “Fine I’ll go.” Sydney smirked as she walked away in a huff.
“I’m Sydney,” she introduced. “It’s nice to meet the teachers the Kit always talked about.” Iruka bowed politely. He didn’t know who they were, but they obviously knew him.
“Is Naruto ok?” he inquired worriedly.
“Of course he’s alright,” Alex said coming into the living room. “He’ll be better once he leaves.” Iruka stood up hastily.
“No! Please don’t take him away,” he pleaded. “I could barely handle it the first time he left.”
“I’m sorry, but he can’t stay here,” she explained softly. “Look at what happened!” Iruka could tell by her expression that she was hurt deeply. She obviously cared a great deal about his “son..”
Neither wanted to backdown from their demands. Alex wanted to be with Naruto and Iruka wasn’t willing to let him go. They were at a stand still when a voice broke the silence.
“Why don’t you just stay here?” They turned around to see a small red headed boy with the symbol for love above his right eye. Immediately Kakashi and Iruka were on guard. However, Alex didn’t seem to care.
“If it were only that easy love,” she sighed. The two ninjas were ready to grab their weapons when he appeared behind her. Gaara gently wrapped his arms around the small girls waist while Kakashi and Iruka shared a confused glance. Alex sighed and leaned back against the boy. “Crawford would never allow us to stay.”
“Maybe if you talked to the Hokage she could convince Crawford,” he suggested. Alex broke away to slump on the couch.
“Crawford wouldn’t care,” she mumbled closing her eyes. Gaara nodded and headed for the door before speaking.
“Do you really believe that?” With that said he left.
“I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you want Gaara,” Tsunade said after the sand child entered. Gaara sighed in annoyance before speaking.
“Basically it all comes down to Alex wanting to stay with Naruto, but she doesn’t think Crawford will allow it. What I’m asking you to do is to somehow convince him to let them stay. Please Hokage, it means a lot to Alex.”
“I will try my hardest,” she replied. He nodded stiffly before leaving.
“I will beat you one day!” Lee cried as they walked through the streets. Neji tuned the boy out as he thought about this morning’s incident. ‘How could Naruto try suicide? He’s always smiling and happy.....but was it all an act?’ He was so lost in thought he failed to notice when the bushy eyebrowed boy stopped suddenly. He looked up to see the boy starring at a point across the street. He followed Lee’s gaze and found the red haired sand ninja looking through a small food shop. ‘Why is he here?’
“It’s Gaara,” his companion whispered. Neji glanced at him trying to discover the boy’s feelings at seeing the ninja that almost destroyed his dream. However, the boy broke out into a smile. ‘What the hell?’
He could feel the hair rising on the back of his neck. He turned and scanned the crowded as he sensed someone’s gaze on him. He stopped on the green boy and the Hyuuga. The other boy had a large smile on his face as he headed towards him. His gaze stayed on the other boy. He could feel heat rising to his cheeks and suppressed it as he looked the older boy over. He had never realized how beautiful the boy was. ‘Beautiful? What?’
“Gaara!” Lee said happily waving at the other boy. He bored no ill will toward the younger boy. In the late night before he left he came to Lee and apologized. He explained what happened and explained bits of his sordid past. He wanted more than anything for the boy to feel love; be it friendship or more. ‘Gai,’ he suddenly thought with a red face. He came back to his senses when a cool hand pressed against his forehead. He felt Neji tense beside him before he looked at Gaara.
“You don’t have a fever, so why is your face red?” he asked confused as he removed his hand. Lee sweat dropped at the naiveness of the adorable boy.
“Ah it’s nothing,” he laughed nervously. “I’m so glad to see you! Come have dinner with us.” Gaara tried to protest but the green beast refused to listen. He sighed and nodded his consent. He rolled his eyes as he was pulled after the older boy. Neji glanced sideways at the pair. He found himself starring at the boy’s pale skin and rich red hair. It looked soft just like his skin. The pale skin looked like porcelain and he wondered if it would be as soft. He stopped briefly as that thought filtered through his mind. ‘What the hell is wrong with me?’ He looked up to green eyes boring into his. They were entrancing and pulled him deeper into their depths. He watched as a light oink littered his cheeks and the younger boy broke his stare.
Tsunade was stunned to see the Uchiha heir standing in front of Naruto’s place. ‘Now what is he going to do?’ she thought. She watched him raise his hand to knock only to bring it down. The Sharingan user did this a few more times before she grew impatient and knocked on the door herself. The door swung open moments later to show a long silver haired girl. Sasuke blanched at the blue slitted eyes and pointed fangs. ‘What the?’ His Hokage, however, wasn’t affected.
“Ah, hello Eden,” she replied cheerfully. “I’m glad you’re here. May we?” Eden glanced at the dark haired boy before looking away.
“Of course you may, but I don’t know about him,” she stated. “I don’t want Naruto to be upset or anything.” ‘So it is true. I hurt him the most,’ he thought morosely. ‘I hurt the one person I consider a friend.’
“Please let me in,” he pleaded. “I want to see Naruto.” Eden grimaced knowing that Alex would skin her alive, but she could sense the brat’s concern for their Kit was strong. She stepped back with a nod and led them into the living room where Alex lounged and the two teachers stood awkwardly.
“I should’ve known you’d be here Iruka,” she teased lightly. She was a bit surprised to see the copy ninja here though. Alex cracked open her eyes groggily when she heard the old woman’s voice. Kakashi and Iruka watched in shock as the girl tensed and her eyes focused.
“What is he doing here?” she bit out. Eden shrank back under the intense glare of death.
“He’s worried about our Kit,” she replied trying to defend his actions.
“More like worried about losing a rival,” she growled.
“No he really is conc- wait a minute!” she cried in disbelief. “What the hell am I doing defending him?” The four others present stared dumbfounded at the girls.
“That’s what I want to know,” Alex mumbled darkly under her breath.
“Momentary lapse of sanity,” she laughed heartily. “Whelps I’m going to get some air.”
“Wait,” Tsunade said quickly. “I wish to speak to you four.” The black haired girl looked at her suspiciously then nodded to Eden. The fanged girl left the room in search of her companions. ‘She must be the leader,’ Kakashi thought glancing at her sideways. ‘Leader of what though?’ His thoughts were broken when Eden returned with two other girls. “Sydney, Danielle, it’s nice to see you again.” They each acknowledged the Hokage with a nod. “I’ve spoken with Crawford and we think it’s best for you four to stay here with Naruto for the time being.” She smiled at the stunned look on their faces. “I got a tip from a bird about a princess wanting to stay here.” Kakashi and Iruka stared at their Hokage as if she’d lost it while Alex snorted.
“Gaara,” she said with a grin. “I’ll stay, but only for our Kit.” Tsunade agreed and looked to the others for answers. Once each had agreed she brought up the topic she was dreading.
“It’s a good thing you’re here Sasuke because I was wondering if Naruto and the girls could stay with you. If not, I guess I’ll have to ask the Hyuugas,” she said knowing he’d disapprove of that. “Fine,” he said stoically ignoring the flutter in his heart. After making the arrangements the girls agreed to take a bit of stuff now and the rest later. Alex reluctantly gave Iruka Naruto to hold as they headed to the Uchiha mansion.
A/N: Sorry this chapter is a bit short. Please review, it’s the reviews that keep a writer writing. One pairing that isn’t in this story is Alex/Gaara/Naruto. They’re just very close, like siblings.
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