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Bleeding Heart Chapter Three

Title: Bleeding Heart
Series: Naruto
Rating: PG-13-R
Pairings: M/M, M/F/M, F/F
‘Thoughts', "Talking", Telethapy, //Flashback//
Disclaimer: I own nothing expect for Alex, Dani, Syd, and Eden.

Chapter Three

Neji continued digging through his mind as he remembered the way Gaara ate, talked, and sat there quietly. He cursed silently. It had been an hour since Neji and Lee had left the boy and he was still thinking about it. Lee somehow unaware continued to talk about the red haired boy completely oblivious to the Hyuuga and his inner struggle. Somewhere along the way TenTen had met up with them and predictably freaked out when she heard about their meeting with Gaara, and they continued tormenting the long haired boy with their talk about the sand child. Finally, when he couldn't take it anymore, he opened his mouth to speak when a kunai was thrown at them.
"Why are you talking about my brother?" Temari asked from the tree branch she was standing on. She jumped down to stand before them. Neji noticed the way TenTen's breathing quickened and a light blush stained her cheeks.‘So TenTen likes Temari of the Desert huh?' ‘Like how you like Gaara?' his mind retorted. ‘I don't even know him.' Lee and Neji watched in disbelief as Temari pulled their teammate closer and kissed her on the lips. When they pulled back the sand girl pushed TenTen's bangs away and kissed her forehead affectionately. "I'm sorry that I was gone for so long. You can even ask my brother if you want to find out how pissed I was."
"Hey! Why didn't you tell us you were together?" Lee asked.
"We were going to when Temari came back," TenTen replied blushing. ‘I guess I'm not the only one who likes a sand ninja.' Neji felt his face flush and he denied it vehemently. The teasing banter went on for a bit before Temari broke it.
"Hyuuga I'll only say this once. Don't hurt my brother," she threatened. "He's been hurt too much in life and love is a very fragile concept to him So take care of him and show him all about it." Before he could say anything both girls and Lee were gone leaving him in the forest.
Shino watched Kiba run around the opening playing with Akamaru. He smiled at the bright grin on the dog boy's beautiful face. The light sheen of sweat on his brow only increased his beauty. The bug ninja's heart sped up as he watched the other boy wriggle around with his beloved puppy. Faster than he thought possible he had Kiba pinned on his back with his arms held above his head. Akamaru's yapping faded as he stared into the smirking boy's eyes.
"Did you plan this? Trying to tempt me?" he whispered leaning down. His lips barely brushing the other's. Kiba let out a soft whine as the lips teased him.
"Not really, but I hoped it would work. I didn't think it would be this intense though," he whispered back. He let his tongue lap at the lips that were being kept from him.
"I'm always intense when it comes to you," Shino groaned pressing his lips roughly against the other boy's. Lips meshed, teeth bit, and tongues played as they rubbed heatedly against each other. Kiba moaned as Shino's thigh rubbed against him. He broke from the kiss to trail kisses along his neck nipping harshly and soothing with his tongue. He felt a thrill run through him at the thought of marking the bug boy as his own. He keened loudly at a particularly hard nip at his neck from Shino. The succulent lips moved upward and bit at his ear. "You're mine," Shino whispered huskily. "Don't forget that ‘cause I don't share." Kiba shivered and moaned at the husky voice. He was Shino's as much as the boy was his and now he couldn't wait to get the boy's jacket out.
Neji wondered around the forest after the others left and he still had that sand devil stuck in his head. He stopped in his tracks and starred forwards stunned. ‘Speak of the cute devil.' ‘Cute? No!' He watched the younger boy silently retreat from a bush with a bright red blush on his face. His gaze traveled downward to see what was clutched in his hands. ‘Aw!' his mind gushed. A brown tiger stripped kitten was coiled around Gaara contently purring. He watched the boy take a step back, eyes widen, and blush intensify. His curiosity peaked Neji quietly walked up behind the smaller boy. He covered the boy's mouth.
"Don't scream," he ordered and Gaara nodded his understanding. Neji slid his hand off the redhead's mouth silently reveling at the softness. He followed the sand ninja's gaze and felt his mouth drop open in shock. He blushed and the fact that his arm was loosely draped around Gaara's neck as he witnessed Shino and Kiba engaged in a heavy make out session that seemed to be headed to much more. Neji used the arm draped on Gaara to pull him away when Shino's hand began sliding under Kiba's pants. They walked silently back toward the village neither noticing Neji's arm, which was resting across the smaller boy's shoulders.
"Um....Hyuuga?" Gaara whispered not sure what to call the older boy.
"It's Neji and what is it?" he replied casually. ‘What am I doing?!' his denial screamed. ‘Enjoying yourself so shut up,' his inner mind snapped. ‘Shino and Kiba yum,' added his sex drive. ‘Gaara and me yummier.' He blushed at the last part picturing it clearly. A soft tug on his hair made him look at the sand child. He cursed silently when he realized the boy had been talking. "Sorry what did you say?" Those eyes were pulling him in again.
"I asked what they were doing," the younger boy replied in a small voice. Neji came to a halt at that. ‘What?!' his denial, inner mind, and sex drive shouted. He thought for a moment that the boy had been joking, but one look in those eyes told him of the boy's innocence. ‘Oh gods,' his sex drive drooled. ‘Not now,' his inner mind screamed.
"You don't know what they were doing?" The boy shook his head no. ‘Crap, how do I explain this,' he thought. ‘Show him,' his sex drive offered. ‘Not now!'
"It um... looked like they were fighting in some way." he said starring up at Neji. It was the first time he realized how small the boy was; it made him want to hug him and hide him away from the harsh realities of the world. Even though he was positive the boy had faced reality before.
"This is probably something you should talk to your sister about," he answered carefully. "Gaara... have you ever been kissed?" His heart was pounding as he waited for the answer.
"What's a kiss?" He nearly fell over when the boy's response came. ‘What the?'
"A kiss is a sign of affection between two people. You've really never been kissed?" he asked in disbelief. He couldn't believe the boy's words considering he was gorgeous.
"Why would anyone show me affection. I'm a monster," he said bitterly. He didn't understand why but he felt he could talk to the Hyuuga. "No one's ever wanted to show me affection; they're too scared." Neji felt his heart wrench at the boy's pain and he couldn't bare it anymore. He grabbed the younger boy's face, gently tipped his head back, and softly placed his lips on Gaara's. It took a moment to register what he was doing. His eyes flew open and he pulled back. He noticed that the boy's eyes never closed and a blush growing on his cheeks. He felt himself leaning in again when Kiba came through the bushed looking upset. Akamaru followed him with ears hung low.
"Kiba?" Gaara questioned quietly. "What's wrong?" He didn't understand. The boy should be grinning after playing with Shino. The dog boy looked at him sadly. He reached out to pat the boy's head and noticed how close the Hyuuga was and how Neji narrowed his eyes with jealously.
"Don't worry about it Gaara," he said with a slight smile. "I just need to find Shika or Naruto." He glanced at them quickly before leaving them. Gaara glanced up at Neji with a cute pout on his face.
"I didn't get to ask him what he did with Shino," he stated. Neji felt the blood rushing to his cheeks at the cute picture.
"Hey Gaara!" Neji held back a growl at the new presence. ‘Is it so hard to just be alone with him?' A silver haired girl ran up to them and glomped the small boy. Her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms around his shoulders. ‘She's a foreigner,' he thought looking at her clothes. She was wearing a dark blue hoodie and a pair of tight blue pants. His eyes narrowed at the girl. ‘She shouldn't be on him,' he thought. "I don't know what you did, but you're amazing!" She quickly jumped off him when she noticed the glower on his face. "Sorry I forgot."
"Just for curiosity's sake, why am I amazing?" he asked. She spun in a circle with a smile on her face.
"Because we get to stay here!" she cried. Gaara grinned and nodded.
"I knew I could count on the old lady," he stated. Eden squealed, grabbed their wrists, and took off to the village.
"Hey genius!" Kiba called with a wobbly smile. Dani looked up at the approaching boy. "What's going on?" He looked at the bags that held Naruto's belongings. A cold shiver ran down his spine. ‘Did something happen to Naruto?'
"Just taking his stuff and ours to the Uchiha place, calm down," she said in a bored tone. She pet his head tenderly.
"Oh, why?" he purred at the petting.
"I'm not sure exactly why, but we're staying here and Naruto's place is too small." It took a second for the thought to process. He grabbed her around the waist and spun her quickly. Dani screamed as the world spun round and round.
"You're staying!" he cried with joy. A small cough broke the atmosphere and startled both of them. Kiba put her down gently with his arms around her waist. Dani clung to them tightly waiting for the world to stop spinning. Kiba looked over to see who had broken his fun. There stood Ino, Chouji, and Shikamaru, each held a curious expression. He brought his attention back to Dani who groaned and grabbed his arms tighter.
"I'm hungry," she whimpered pitifully. Kiba almost fell over. He let go of her and ruffled her hair fondly.
"You're always hungry lazy ass," he teased. Dani glowered at him, but didn't do anything.
"Who's your girlfriend Kiba," Ino asked impatiently. Dani watched the smile falter, but it wasn't noticeable to those who knew him. However, she noticed the ponytailed boy frown at Kiba. ‘This is too bothersome,' she thought. She plastered on a smile and faced the blond.
"I don't know who his girlfriend is, but my name is Danielle. Just call me Dani for short," she said holding out her hand. Her stomach chose that moment to rumble. She pulled her hand back and placed it on the back of her neck in embarrassment. "Hehe, I guess I'm a bit hungry."
"Yeah diets can do that to a person," Ino said only to be drowned out by Kiba's load chuckling. She glanced at her teammates and saw that they were confused as she was.
"This fat ass on a diet?" he laughed. Shikamaru glanced at the girl to see her reaction. He was baffled by the small grin on her face. "This chick is always hungry."
"It's not my fault my body has a high metabolism," she pouted slightly. The small pout had all three members of team 3 blushing. "I'm just abnormal."
"I like it that way," Kiba said laying a hand on her shoulder. "If not then you'd be as big as a house." Dani burst into laughter.
"I probably would." She calmed down and glanced at the bags. "Ah, this is too troublesome."
"So says the lazy ass," Kiba chuckled.
"Wow she sounds like you two put together," Ino whispered once the blush was gone. She couldn't deny that the young girl was beautiful, but her heart belonged to another. "I'm Ino and this are my friends Shikamaru and Chouji." Dani smile and nodded to each of them.
"Hey babe do me a favor?" Dani asked.
"Sure what do you need?" Kiba asked. He let out and ‘ompf' as one of the bags hit him in the chest.
"Take this stuff to the brat's house while I eat please," she said softly trying to give him puppy eyes.
"You suck at that," he laughed and grabbed a few more bags. "Go eat something before you're stomach creates an earthquake fat ass."
Thanks, he sent her.
No problem. I'm not sure if he's awake yet, but I figured Kit would be able to help you. She grinned and looked at his three friends.
"Just grab a bag and you guys can see Naruto," she stated.
"I'm hungry though," Chouji whined. Dani raised an eyebrow and ran into the apartment. She came back out with a bag of Sour Cream and Onion chips.
"If you help me I'll give you this bag of chips," she bribed him.
"Well what are we waiting for?" he asked gabbing some bags. Dani giggled as she watched him and the others help reluctantly.
"If you want I'll treat you guys to ramen when you're finished," she smiled brightly.
"I can't believe you'd still be hungy," Kiba said shaking his head. "Wait, never mind I can believe that."
"Whatever just go," she laughed.
‘Dobe, why didn't you talk to me?' Sasuke thought watching the sleeping blond. He still looked so bright compared to the darkness of the Uchiha's spare room. He brought the young boy from Iruka the moment they entered the house and had yet to leave him. Sasuke didn't understand what drew him to the blond, but he couldn't hold it back anymore. He had denied the attraction since the minute they met, but it grew after the Orochimaru incident. ‘What did Kiba mean it was my fault?' he felt jealousy coil in him as he remembered the way Kiba and Shikamaru reacted. ‘What do they know about him that I don't?' ‘But then again', said a small voice, ‘what do you really know about Naruto?' He had always been aware of the glares and harsh words that were shot at the boy. He hadn't really thought of it back then, but no way would they react that way because of a few petty pranks. He felt a light grip on his hand and looked down to see the blond turning on his side.
"Something is coming," Alex said ominously. She was curled up on a chair with Eden sitting on the arm. Across from her on the couch sat Naruto's two teachers and Tsunade stood in between them. She glanced at the girls worried. "It's been seen in the moon."
"What do you mean?" Iruka asked in confusion.
"The moon spoke to me one night about a great evil approaching this village." Kakashi looked at Iruka confused. He didn't understand this warning. He knew nothing of these girls and that irked him.
"An evil in our village?" Tsunade voice shook. "What do they want?" Eden sighed and ran a hand through her loose hair.
"Considering it's this village," she said withe contempt. Her tone stunned both ninjas. "Whatever it is is after one of two things." Kakashi cursed under his breath. ‘Something's after Sasuke again? He better not leave like last time.'
"Naruto or us," Alex finished. She stood up from the chairs resolutely. "I'll be damned before I let anyone hurt my Kit."
"We all will," Eden added. No one heard the door opening and the four young ninjas walking in. Kiba stopped seeing the group in the Uchiha's living room. His eyes fell on the silver haired girl. ‘She's beautiful,' he thought.
"Naruto?" Kakashi asked in disbelief. ‘Why Naruto?' Iruka cried out in worry, jumped from the couch, and looked at the strange girls.
"Please no," he muttered. Alex felt her heart break at the older man's worry. She stood up and walked over to him. She gently rubbed his arm and looked into his eyes. She smiled slightly at the blush rising on his cheeks. Kiba and the others looked on in confusion at their former teacher and the strange girl.
"I promise I won't let anyone hurt Naruto," she said solemnly.
"Why Naruto?" Kakashi whispered inaudibly, but Eden's sharp ears caught it. She narrowed her eyes and sent the masked man a heated glare. Alex felt the aura and glanced at the girl.
"Why not Naruto?" she bit out.
"I figured it would be Sasuke," he said oblivious to the anger.
"Because Sasuke is a weak ass spoiled brat!" she growled shocking the Sharingan user.
"Sasuke is weak?" Iruka whispered.
"Compared to Naruto he is," Alex answered. "He just hides it for some reason. Sasuke knows Naruto's stronger than him too. That's why he trains so much."
"He hides it to help Sasuke grow stronger," Eden said quietly. "Compare to us he's nothing." Alex shivered at the tone and unconsciously drew closer to the older man. She rarely heard that tone of voice and when she did it sent chills done her spine.
"Compared to you I'm nothing. Same goes for Jiraiya and Orochimaru," tsunade said trying to get ride of the tense air surrounding them. The others looked at the two girls dumbfounded. Neither girl looked too strong, but as the saying goes, looks can be deceiving. "We could've really used you're help when he was here." Her laughing comment made Alex look away in shame.
"If we had been here we could've prevented Sandaime's death as well as Hayate's and so many other things, but,"
"I know Alex," the blond said interrupting her. "I know how important Rosenkreuz's destruction was to you all so please don't fell bad."
"The fight with Orochimaru was told in the moon," Eden said. "It was destiny for those actions to occur. We couldn't have changed that."
"That isn't what Naruto believes," Iruka said quietly. Alex realized hoe close they were when she felt his breath on her face. She stepped back concealing a blush. "Naruto believes that destiny is what you make it to be."
"His belief is only partly right," Eden answered back. "Destiny was decided before we were born and you cannot change that. Destiny is basically a chain of events and the end result is the only thing you can change." She felt the anger still boiling in her and disappeared before anything could happen. It was then that Alex noticed the others in the room.
"What's up? She asked.
"Dani got hungry so she bribed us into bringing this crap here and I needed to talk to Naruto anyway," Kiba answered holding up the bags.
"Just leave them there and follow your nose," she grinned at him. Kiba nodded, dropped the bags, and followed Naruto's scent. The other three nodded politely before leaving.
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