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Jaydee Faire

Yet more Naruto UFO catchers for sale

Hi again~

I dropped by Volde*Mart today and invested some more money in the UFO catcher machine, meaning there are two more plushies for you to bid on~~

The first is Gaara, still looking adorably frowny.

I did eventually find this doll on Ebay-- the tag is different, but the model is the same. Notice that they're selling this little dude for 24.99 ^^; (rare item found only in Japan? Really? Apparently the Wal-Mart in my smelly little Tennessee town is actually in Japan...) I have raised my price a little, but unless the doll gets up in the morning and makes me coffee and a breakfast burrito I'm not going to jack the price up that high ^^;

The second is Naruto himself, happy as can be.

Also still for sale is Neji, who's still just $4.99 because apparently no one wants to buy him ;_;

I know that Kakashi's a popular character, especially with the dolls (I've sold out of him), but he's buried under an avalanche of Shikamarus at the moment in the machine. If you absolutely MUST have a Kakashi and are willing to pay the $10 and shipping for him, I'll see what I can do.

There is also one last Shikamaru for sale, not listed yet. Bother me in the comments if you want him :3

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